Sorrowful Stew (a poem by Roxie Walsh)

Divine, graceful, charming, misunderstood being

Constantly shamed for an abundance of eating

Thrashing through the sea, protector of your reef

Who knew humans would cause you such grief

An elegant creature made a killer by we

A danger to humans I would disagree

We drag large nets through your home

Taking your fish, mollusks and all that you know

We destroy your safe haven for our benefit

And we leave you on the floor without fins

Your way of frolicking and moving about and moving about

We came into your life and threw you out

And I, a feeble bystander watching you crumble

As I just sit here and silently fumble

Twiddling my thumbs as you lie on the floor

Tossing and turning and nothing more

On vacations I’d observe your domain

A lifeless being is what you’ll remain

Once your limbs are cut and sold

They are placed into a porcelain bowl

To be soup that no one likes to consume

But eaten to be seen as wealthiest in the room

Reputation and status should not be a reason

To kill of a species should be punished with treason

A betrayal of mother nature with all she’s creating

Killing her children for status and rating

In a matter of time the shark will fade

And then another species we will invade

Consuming for money and reputation

Less resources, more inflation

We all deserve a right to survive

Humans beat everyone else times five

We have clothes, weapons and tools

Creatures only have instincts and rules

To some this topic may be new

The sad truth to a sorrowful stew

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